About Us

Urbana Pharmacy was born out of the desire to help people better manage their drug therapies through patient advocacy and thorough medication counseling so that the intended goal(s) of treatment can be achieved.

Over the years, ensuring customer satisfaction at a retail pharmacy setting has become quite a challenge as the role of pharmacists continue to expand forcing pharmacists to be responsible for more than they could realistically handle. The implementation of profit-driven policies that focus on quantity and not quality has further negatively impacted customer care. This type of system not only creates an environment where a pharmacist-patient relationship is non-existent but one in which medication errors can thrive.

Here at Urbana Pharmacy, we realize that people are drawn to great service and prefer to have a relationship with their pharmacists. That is why we do what we do. We do more than just dispensing. We are dedicated to patient education and patient safety. We make sure that you are on the appropriate drug for your condition and that you receive necessary counseling so that you feel empowered to manage your own medications. We monitor your drug regimen so that you do not experience any untoward effects with your drug combination. Our ultimate goal is for you to be satisfied with the care that you receive.

We also want to be your source of health information. In the nearest future, we will be hosting monthly educational sessions based on the disease awareness calendar so that people can learn about certain conditions, how to prevent them or how to better manage them. These sessions will take place here at the pharmacy. An expert in the field would be invited to talk to us. We would also review common medications used to treat these conditions and what you should know about these drugs. What is so cool about this is that you will have direct access to expert information and be able to ask questions.

We are excited and looking forward to serving the community!

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Urbana Pharmacy

Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. We treat every customer like they matter.


Our Mission

To help build a healthier community through safe, appropriate, and effective use of medications.

Our Goals

To help patient customers and their providers achieve treatment goals through patient counseling aimed at promoting medication adherence. To make positive impact through customer-focused service.
Meet Our Pharmacist